Thursday, January 29, 2009

Love Addiction - FTU

Supplies Needed
FTU Scrapkit - Hearts Desire by Yvette at Misfit Scrapz
You can get the kit HERE
Word Art by Blissfully Beth
You can get this HERE
Tube of choice
I am using the awesome work of Michele Lynch
You can purchase her awesome work at
Filter MuRa's
Ok lets get started
Open a 550 x 250 canvas
Open all materials and minimize
Flood fill with black
On a new raster layer
Open paper2
Set your background to the paper
Set your foreground to black
Using your preset shapes
Using the circle with the width of 2
Draw a small circle
Objects - Alien - Center in Canvas
Convert to raster
Effects - MuRa's Meister - Copies
Click on reset to bring your settings back to default.
Change the tile mode to tile
Click OK
Adjust - Blur - Blur
Image - resize - 95
Effects - Texture effects - Blinds
Width - 6
Opacity - 50
Color - 863a5d
Both boxes checked
Copy and paste Wrinkled Ribbon3
Image - resize - 70
Place at the top of the canvas
Effects - 3D effects - Drop Shaddow
With these settings
2, -2, 100, 1, black
Apply drop shaddow again with these settings
-2, 2, 100, 1, black
Place your tube in your desired position.
I had to resize my tube to fit on the canvas
Apply a drop shaddow of choice...I used the same as last used
Copy and paste the word art of choice. Resize and place where
it looks best.
At this point add any copyright and licensing information
This tutorial was written by Rose Foster on 01/29/2009
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
Any creations you make following this tutorial is yours to do with as you please
as long as there is no profit made.
This tutorial is not to be copied or passed around.

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