Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland - FTU

Supplies you will need for this tutorial

Tube of Choice.
I used PinUpToons
You can purchase the at CILM

Frame WSL-Mask203
You can get this at Weescotslass

You will need the filter Mura's - Copies 1.3
DSB Flux - Bright Noise
These are both free filters and you can get them HERE

Open a 600 x 600 canvas
Open your mask and tube and minimize them

Using your flood fill tool fill canvas with color from your tube

I used d67894

Right click on raster layer - new mask - from image -
Right click - merge group
Image - resize 86
Rename this layer - Mask Layer

On the mask layer
Effects - plugins - dsb flux - bright noise
Intensity - 34
Mix checked
Repeat this step

On a new raster layer above the mask layer
Use your flood fill tool fill canvas with color from your tube

I used a5c1d3

Rename Background

Let's make a frame!!
Using your preset shape tool set at Ellipse - Circle
Settings should be set at width of 4 and line style at opposing arrowheads - equal

I chose to do mine in black

Draw out a circle that will look good with your tube

Objects - Align - Center in Canvas

Right click on layer - convert to raster layer
Rename this to Frame

On this frame layer - right click - properties
Change the blend mode to screen and opacity to 80

On your frame layer, using your magic wand, click inside the frame

Selections - Modify - expand -6
Selections - invert
On your background layer - hit delete
Selections - none

On your background layer
Effects - texture effects - blinds
With these settings:
10, 40, Black, both boxes checked

Duplicate your background layer
On the original apply the following blur
Adjust - Blur - Gaussian Blur - 25

Let's add some words on the background
On a new raster layer
Using font of choice, I used futura BK size 16
I use font color of white
Type out Winter Wonderland
Objects - align - center in cavas
Effects - plugins - Mura's - copies
Change your tile mode to tile
Change the Number to 1
Change the Tile Gap to -2
All other settings should stay on the default settings
Click OK
Right click and change name to word

On your frame layer, using your magic wand, click inside your frame
Selections - invert
On your word layer - hit delete
Selections - None

On your Word layer - right click
Change the opacity to 60

Now add your tube and place where you think will look best
Add a drop shadow of choice if you would like. I did not add one

Ok let's add the large Winter Wonderland
On new raster layer
Use a different font then before, I used Kristen ITC - size 72
Chose two colors from your tube
Type out Winter Wonderland
Move to where you like, right click - convert to raster layer

On your Winter Wonderland layer
Effects - 3d - Inner Bevel - With the settings below

At this point add any copyright and licensing information

This tutorial was written by Rose Foster on 012/10/2008
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental
Any creations you make following this tutorial is yours to do with as you please
as long as there is no profit made. This tutorial is not to be copied or passed around.

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